1. Bachelor’s degree programs

2. Foundation

Bachelor’s degree programs are professional programs of higher education with duration of 4 years and awarding with "Bachelor" degree in a particular specialty.

Purpose of Bachelor’s degree programs at Alma University (AlmaU) is to train young specialists for various sectors of economy and for individual functional areas of management, combining deep theoretical knowledge and modern skills in the field of practical management.

On December 23, 2016 7 educational programs of a bachelor degree were awarded specialized accreditation for a period of 5 years: "IS", "R&HB", "Evaluation", “Logistics”, "Jurisprudence", "Public relations", "Regional Studies" by the decision of Accreditation Council of IAAR (Independent Agency for accreditation and rating).

Currently, education in bachlor programs is carried out in three areas - "Social Sciences", "Business" and "Services" - within 15 specialties:

Code Specialty

5B050600 "Economics"

5B050700 "Management"

5B050800 "Accounting and audit"

5B050900 "Finance"

5B051000 "State and local management"

5B051100 "Marketing"

5B070300 "Information systems"

5B090800 " Evaluation"

5В090900 "Logistics"

5V091200 "Restaurant and hotel business"

5V030100 "Jurisprudence"

5В050500 "Regional Studies"

5В051400 "Public relations"

Business Analytics and global data – experiment

Software engineering - experiment


Foundation Program

Since 2015-2016 academic year "Foundation" program is acting at AlmaU

Mission of "Foundation" program is to prepare students to pass CT / UNT, to help them to adapt to University and develop skills of academic study.

The program offers:

• intensive course of preparation for UNT/CT as per the block of general disciplines

(History of Kazakhstan, maths and language literacy) and specialized disciplines;

• academic preparation in basic general educational disciplines during the 1 semester;

• adaptation to academic education at EI "Almaty Management University" and development of personal skills;

• to increase academic level of language knowledge and mastering basic disciplines of University educational programs for international students


Benefits of "Foundation" program at AlmaU:

• quality of education guaranteed by the university;

• modern methods of preparation for UNT/CT, current test base;

• unique course of adaptation to University education;

• flexible schedule of classes;

• interactive learning format;

• highly qualified staff of teachers;

• comfortable environment for studies, leisure and support services for students;

• professional guidance and support when applying;

• affordable tuition fee.

Access to resources, which include:

• e-library and reading rooms;

• computer and IT equipment;

• chance to attend events of students’ community and clubs in Creative Zone;

• use the services of Art&Sport Zone;

• students’ cafe, etc.

“Foundation” program of AlmaU offers a range of academic programs specifically designed to prepare to enter University and adapt to living and learning in Kazakhstan:


Program for conditionally enrolled students in the 1st year of Bachelor programs at AlmaU combines academic training with intensive preparation for CT, which will be held in January next year, and the development of learning skills and communication adaptation to University life.

Persons who have documents on General secondary (secondary general) or technical and vocational (primary or secondary vocational, postsecondary) education and who did not get the threshold score in complex re-testing, are enrolled at the 1st course on a paid basis for the first academic period (1st semester) for full-time education.

This program guarantees enrollment in AlmaU on the 2nd semester of the current academic year for persons who passed CT with not less than 50 points, and mastered the bachelor educational program of 1st semester.  

The students conditionally enrolled in AlmaU, from the first day gain academic status of university students and have access to all its resources.


"Preparatory courses" Program

From March 2017, the university offers a program to prepare applicants of 2017 for UNT (or CT) and testing in core subjects for admission to AlmaU. This program is aimed at final year pupils of secondary schools planning to continue their education at a higher education institution. Preparatory courses are intended for training during 3 months (from March to May).

Additionally, short-term training courses are organized in the summer period for school leavers and persons who do not have a UNT certificate to prepare for CT during 1 month.


Program for University graduates - Pre-Master's

Purpose of the program is to prepare bachelors with academic qualifications, which are insufficient for direct admission by the results of complex entrance exam for Master’s programs at AlmaU.

The program is intended for bachelors of non-core specialties who wish to undertake basic training to study Master programs in specialties of business profile.

Classes are planned to be conducted in August and September at the time convenient for applicants. Duration of training is 2 months.

Classes are taught by leading university professors.

Tuition fee is paid by hours of the number of credits of the disciplines, depending on academic difference.


Bachelor Programs of Alma University involves the study of unique disciplines - Academic honesty, and Service Learning.

"Academic honesty" course aims to develop in students the values and principles of personal honesty in learning and assessment of knowledge.  


"Service Learning" discipline was introduced in the curriculum of all bachelor programs at Alma University in 2015 for the first time in Kazakhstan. Within this unique discipline 1 year students learn to serve the society and to apply their knowledge in practice, working as volunteers in various social organizations for the benefit of society.

Over 2 academic years 833 first year students studied "Service Learning" program. They have impelemented more than 45 social projects in various areas:

- direct assistance to lonely elderly people, poor families, people with disabilities;

- work for the environment benefit;

- training and communication with orphanages, boarding schools, refugee children;

- monitoring of socially significant problems of the society;

- charity events, etc.


The program was implemented with assistance of Akimat of Almaty, government institutions (Boarding school №2, Children's homes №1 and №2"), Social organizations ("Kenes", "Youth organization of people with disabilities "Zhiger", "Association of parents of children with disabilities, “International Association for social projects", "Aman saulyk", "Merciful hands"); Charity funds "Bauyrzhan", "Dara", "Ana uyi" and others. Total 22 partner organizations.