Academic process


Features of organization of educational process of bachelor programs at FBP are:

1. Standardization of educational programs within General education and basic training.

2. FBP transfer students to schools within the specialties on a competitive basis.

3. Formation of academic policy on the basis of international standards of education with the use of a modular system of training.

4. Coverage of students of the faculty of basic preparation with programs of academic mobility.

5. Multilingual training.

6. Committed to the highest standards of academic honesty.

7. Formation of psychology, aimed at leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

8. Educating social responsibility, moral qualities and principles.

Bachelor Programs at Alma University involves the study of unique disciplines, which focuses on training not only educated, but also socially responsible generation with high moral principles.

 In 2015, for the first time in Kazakhstan Alma University introduced a new discipline - Service Learning in the curriculum of all bachelor programs, within which 1 year students learn to serve society and to apply their knowledge in practice, working in nursing homes, homes for the disabled and other social organizations.

All 1st year students at the beginning of the academic year study "Academic honesty", which aims to develop in students the values and principles of personal honesty in learning and assessment of knowledge.